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Bitwise Industries, a tech ecosystem that provides access to resources for those in marginalized communities, as founded in 2013. The impetus was to move Fresno’s (Fresno, California) technology ecosystem forward by focusing on the key areas of education, execution, and place.Education is delivered via Geekwise Academy, an accelerated training program that provides real-world technology skills to all ages.  The Bitwise nationally registered apprenticeship program offers opportunities to work on real projects under the supervision of seasoned tech leads while getting paid. The plan is to make this opportunity available in all of the communities Bitwise serves, including Fresno, Merced, Bakersfield, Oakland and most recently Toledo. There has been 100% placement of the apprentices that have gone through the Bitwise program to date, and Bitwise has trained through its pre-apprentice and apprentice pipeline, 8,000 individuals in the cities Bitwise serves.Bitwise Industries provides execution by way of its full-service, custom software development firm, Shift3 Technologies. And, the ever-growing place component is made up of Bitwise’s collaborative workplace, Hashtag, the technology hub, Bitwise South Stadium, and two new projects currently under construction in downtown Fresno, Bitwise|41 and Bitwise State Center Warehouse.Bitwise Industries has 28 investors including 10X Capital and Portfolia. To date, Bitwise Industries has raised $78.4M. The most recent funding round closed on Aug 9, 2021 from a Series B round.

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