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The Credential Registry (Registry), operated by Credential Engine, is a public, cloud-based system available to anyone seeking detailed information about a variety of credentials and skills in an easily accessible format. Users can explore competencies, learning outcomes, up-to-date market values, and career pathways and reference data on credential attainment and quality assurance at schools, professional associations, certification organizations, and the military, to name a few.

The Registry uses the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) developed by Credential Engine. CTDL is a common language that allows credential providers to catalog, organize, and describe their credentials. It is used to create a common understanding across credentials, skills, competencies, and their outcomes. When credential information is published to the Registry, CTDL aligns credentials and skills to link each data point in the system. This allows users to more easily compare credentials throughout the Registry.

The Registry updates when a credential is no longer offered or an institution offering that credential closes, but the historical data still remains in the Registry.

Ecosystem Relationship

The Registry eases access to information about a variety of credentials, allowing students and workers to compare credential providers and helping employers understand the competencies of potential employees and workers. The Registry provides greater transparency to the learn-and-work ecosystem.


Alabama Works! operates a credential registry. It features an online tool that allows educational institutions and industry providers to register the credentials they issue. The Alabama Credential Registry is a core component of Alabama’s competency-based education and training system. It is used to develop education and training programs that meet the needs of students, job seekers, and employers (Alabama Works!, n.d.).


Alabama Works! (n.d.). Alabama credential registry.

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