Interstate Passport® (Transfer)


Interstate Passport® is a national program based at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). The program enables seamless block transfer of lower-division general education attainment based on an agreed upon set of learning outcomes rather than on specific courses and credits.

Members of the Interstate Passport Network are institutionally accredited, nonprofit, public and private two- and four-year institutions. To join the Network, an institution or higher education system declares its intent to become a member and defines and submits a Passport Block.

The Passport Block is constructed by faculty compiling learning opportunities that align with the Passport Learning Outcomes (PLOs) just as it would compile the learning opportunities that constitute the institution’s General Education program, academic minor, academic major, or any other program at the institution. The essential consideration is that the total of the learning experiences in the Passport Block must cover a similar range and depth of learning across the nine knowledge and skills areas as the PLOs

Interstate Passport is based on four guiding principles: (1) student focused; (2) faculty driven; (3) institutional autonomy; and (4) quality assurance.

The initiative offers a new way for students to transfer courses from one institution to another. Rather than having the receiving institution accept courses individually, earning a Passport means that students will have met all or nearly all of the receiving institution’s lower-division general education requirements. The Passport is valid at any Network member institution to which the student is admitted.

Partners and Funders

  • As of November 2021, Interstate Passport had 71 Network Member Institutions in 21 states.
  • Passports is managed by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), one of four regional compacts established by the U.S. Congress in the 1950s to facilitate the sharing of information and expertise in the higher education community.
  • Interstate Passport® has been developed and rolled out in phases with funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ECMC Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and a First in the World grant from the U.S. Department of Education.


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