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The 1EdTech Consortium launched the Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange  CASE Network) with the mission that all state academic standards and national learning standards should be in the CASE digital format and available for anyone to use, for any reason.

When states and organizations publish their standards through the CASE Network, educators, students, and families can trust the educational technology tools and resources that K-12 school districts and schools provide to support instruction accurately. The Network provides a single, verifiable, trusted source of learning standards and workforce competencies in digital format. This makes it easier to support aligned instruction.

The Network is supported by a collaboration of states, school districts, and edtech suppliers that are working to make the alignment of digital resources and edtech products dramatically faster, easier, and less expensive to support aligned instruction across the digital learning ecosystem.

The CASE digital standard and CASE Network make the alignment of digital resources and edtech products faster, easier, and less expensive to support aligned instruction across the digital learning ecosystem. The Standard facilitates the exchange of information about learning outcomes, competencies, and skills. CASE can also transmit information about rubrics and criteria for performance of tasks.

CASE supports association across frameworks so frameworks and items can be related and aligned. By implementing CASE, it is possible to electronically exchange outcomes, skills, and competency definitions so applications, tools and algorithms can readily access and act upon this data. Having universal identifiers for learning outcomes, skills, and competencies makes it possible for any tool or application to share precise information between systems easily, internally or across the web. This includes learning management systems, assessment tools, curriculum management, credentialing and hiring platforms.

CASE provides a framework for provisioning and transmitting the following:

  • Competency Framework Documents - original competencies or academic standards documents
  • Competency Framework Items - statements of what the learner will know and be able to do
  • Competency Framework Associations - relationships between entire standard sets or individual standards and courses
  • Competency Framework Rubrics - instruments used to delineate performance expectations around a task, product or performance which may or may not be aligned to standards.

The Network manages the distribution of academic standards and workforce competencies for states, higher education institutions, workforce agencies, and other national and international standards authors. To properly reflect the status of the standards and competency frameworks, CASE Network uses an adoption status system to designate the accuracy of all materials issued through CASE Network (official, adopted, verified, public draft, private daft, retired, deprecated).

To date, 1EdTech has verified and published the K-12 English Language Arts and Mathematics standards for the 50 U.S. states and started working directly with states to publish more of their standards.

Examples of states and organizations include:

  • Alabama Department. of Education
  • Florida CPALMS
  • Georgia Department of Education
  • Illinois State Board of Education
  • Kentucky Department of Education
  • Montana Office of Public Instruction
  • North Dakota Department of Education
  • Texas Education Agency
  • South Carolina Department of Education

The CASE Network 2 is a public space hosted by Common Good Learning Tools (founded in 2019) in conjunction with 1EdTech, where anyone can come to browse learning standard frameworks from all 50 U.S. States, as well as other issuing agencies, coded in machine-readable CASE format and rendered using CGLT’s Standards Satchel web application.

Network 2 contains a total of 414 Frameworks in 11 categories:

  • English Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Career/Tech
  • Other


CASE Network is supported by 1EdTech and through a CASE Network sponsorship program by a number of edtech suppliers committed to making official learning standards open and free for use. Current sponsors include ACT, McGraw-Hill, and SchoolCity powered by Illuminate Education.


CASE Network FAQ for more information

Multiple 1EdTech-certified products- includes official listing of products that have passed 1EdTech interoperability certification

Video explaining CASE Network

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