Parchment & Digitary

Parchment is a private company founded in 2003 in education credentials technology. The company offers a comprehensive academic credential management platform and global network that provides learners, academic institutions, and employers the ability to issue, share, collect and verify authenticated academic credentials across a global network of high schools, universities, licensing boards, and employers.

  • The Parchment Digital Credentials Service was founded in the belief that credentials matter in the lifelong journey of a learner, from applying to college to advancing their career; and that credentials represent the documentation and certification of knowledge, skills and competencies gained through both academic and professional achievements and experiences.
  • The Parchment Platform enables millions of learners, over 13,000 school districts, university registrar offices, state education agencies, and receivers (including university admissions offices, background check companies, employers, college application services, OPMs -- offices of personnel management, and certification and licensing boards) to exchange transcripts, diplomas, certificates, comprehensive learner records (CLRs) and other credentials globally.
  • Parchment offers a Digital Badge & Certificate Service for employers, businesses, and other organizations to enable issuing digital badges and certificates for employee achievements and completed programs.

In 2021, Parchment and Digitary formally combined.  The two companies share a common mission to help turn credentials into opportunities. Digitary is a leading platform and network in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Digitary’s scope of solutions is similar to Parchment, serving as an online platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials. One key difference with Digitary is its national network partnership model:

  • In Australia, Digitary supports MyeQuals, the official platform of Australian and New Zealand Universities.
  • In Canada, Digitary supports MyCreds/MesCertif, Canada’s new, official credential wallet for postsecondary learners and graduates.

Through these partnerships, as well as direct relationships with higher education institutions, Digitary is used by organizations in over 135 countries.

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