Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Formed in 1947, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) is a private educational testing and measurement organization. It builds assessments based on research and a focus on quality. ETS annually develops, administers, and scores over 50 million tests in more than 180 countries

ETS research and development efforts are focused on research to promote fairness and equity in learning, in four main areas:

  • Teaching, learning and assessment that responds to the social and cultural factors for U.S. learners
  • Innovations in global English-language teaching, learning and assessment
  • Equity in global higher education admissions and learner success and in workforce transition
  • Innovations in testing and research methods to advance validity, fairness, equity and operational excellence

ETS research and development serves a range of assessment needs, including:

  • k-12 educator licensing
  • placement exams for the College Board
  • higher education admissions
  • English-language proficiency

ETS also maintains ETS AI Labs.

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