1EdTech’s Digital Credentials Learn & Lead Roundtables

Last Updated: 02/28/2024

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1EdTech’s expert-led Digital Credentials Learn & Lead Roundtables provide knowledge and resources for institutional leaders driving credentialing programs and initiatives at their institution—sharing best practices from planning to implementation.

Recordings and resources from roundtables are available for viewing.  Examples of past topics include:

  • Good Examples to Follow: CLR and LER Programs
  • Exploring Innovative Models for Microcredentials in Higher Education
  • Let's Start from the Beginning: The What and Why of Digital Credentials
  • Collaborating to Fill the Skills Gap
  • Connecting with Employers
  • All Digital Badges are Not Created Equal
  • Take it from Us: Why You Should Care about Open Badges & CLR
  • Recommended by the Registrar
  • Documenting Co-Curricular Learning on the Spartan Experience Record
  • Demonstrating a Virtual Talent Network


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1EdTech's schedule of future events and webinars on related topics at https://www.1edtech.org/events

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