Center for Postsecondary Readiness and Success (CPRS) - American University

The Center for Postsecondary Readiness and Success (CPRS), located at American University, was founded in 2018. CPRS concentrates its research, professional development opportunities, and knowledge dissemination on improving the postsecondary opportunities for students who are historically disenfranchised and underrepresented on college campuses.

CPRS’s mission is to disrupt “colorblind” practices and policies in college/career access by working alongside community partners, policymakers, and school practitioners.  The Center aims to dismantle systemic racist and oppressive practices and policies in college and career readiness and access by focusing on four areas:

  1. Professional Development:  virtual and in-person professional development opportunities for educators, school counselors, college advisors, and school leaders.
  2. Data, Research & Evaluation: research that seeks to dismantle a host of systemic policy and practice challenges in postsecondary preparation and readiness systems in P-12 settings.
  3. Youth Programming: evidence-based programming that seeks to enhance college and career exploration and readiness of preK-12 youth.
  4. Advocacy: advocates for policies and practices that eliminate barriers to college and career success of youth, particularly those from historically oppressed groups and communities.

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