Library Collections Management Statement


The Learn & Work Ecosystem Library Collection Management Statement is designed to serve as a guide for the curation, maintenance, editing, and retention of content.

The purpose of the Learn & Work Ecosystem Library (Library) is to acquire and make available, through a free web-based database, content related to the ever-changing landscape of the learn-and-work ecosystem — the interdependent systems of education, training, work, support services, research, and policymaking. Library users include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, professional associations, certification bodies, industry groups, students, employers, employees, jobseekers, policymakers, accreditors, and research and policy think tanks.

Collection Criteria

Content collection requires an understanding of the constantly evolving learn-and-work ecosystem, familiarity with the needs of the Library users, and a working knowledge of relevant events, literature, and resources.  Articles selected for inclusion will meet the following criteria:

  • Provides information on terms, alliances, or initiatives that are of importance to Library users in the learn-and-work ecosystem.
  • The information is relevant to the learn-and-work ecosystem — it reflects the most current understanding of the topic and provides historical context on the topic.
  • The information is presented in clear and succinct language.
  • The information is presented in unbiased and apolitical language.
  • The information is supported through references to relevant sources.

    New articles added for inclusion include but are not limited to:

    • A new term/alliance/initiative that is formally introduced in the ecosystem.
    • A term/alliance/initiative that is referenced or defined in more than three articles in the Library but is not represented independently.
    • A Library user submits a suggestion of a term/alliance/initiative that is not yet represented in the collection.

    Suggestions for Inclusion

    Library users are welcome to suggest terms, alliances, and initiatives for inclusion in the Library. Once a suggestion is received, it will be reviewed by the Librarian or whoever is placed in charge of reviewing user submissions. Suggestions are subject to our collection management policy and there is no guarantee of inclusion. Information which is focused on marketing or advertising programs, organizations, initiatives, or products such as apps or websites will not be accepted. The Librarian reserves the right to make the final decision on Library content.

    Process for Suggesting Content

    1. Before making a suggestion, please read the Why, What, and Who of the Library.
    2. Identify a key term, initiative, or alliance that is of importance to Library users in the learn-and-work ecosystem.
    3. Search the content of the Library to ensure that the topic is not represented. If the topic is represented in another article but could benefit from a more in-depth explanation, please include the original article in your submission.
    4. Fill out the web-form to suggest new or revised content.

    Collection Evaluation and Maintenance

    Once articles are added to the Library, they are managed through an assessment process designed to ensure that the articles continue to meet the requirements of the Library and its users. The Librarian will regularly evaluate the content of the Library for this purpose. Along with the criteria used to identify new content, the following criteria will be considered for editing and retaining articles:

    • Inaccurate or out-of-date content. If an article is deemed inaccurate or dated, the Librarian will decide if the article should be updated by a content specialist.
    • Use of the term in the learn-and-work ecosystemIf the term is no longer in active use in the ecosystem, the Librarian will decide if the article should be archived.
    • Current statues of the alliance, network or intermediary or initiative. If an alliance, network, or intermediary or an initiative is concluded or inactive, the article will be retained or archived at the Librarian’s discretion.
    • Length and repetition of content. If the article includes definitions of other terms that are separately defined in the Library, the Librarian will determine if the definition of those terms is required in the understanding of the article topic or if a reference to the related definition is more appropriate.

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