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In the early 2000s, The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) created the CHEA International Directory, a free, online-access directory that includes information about more than 550 organizations with varying roles and responsibilities in quality assurance from more than 165 countries across the globe.

The Directory is being updated and improved in order to offer more resources to users. It is a tool developed to assist scholars and practitioners in locating information on quality assurance authorities across the globe. The Directory includes information about quality assurance and accreditation bodies that are authorized by their governments to operate as agencies of the government or as private (nongovernmental) organizations, as well as governmental entities that oversee higher education (e.g., Ministries of Education or Departments of Education), organizations formally in charge of the recognition of higher education qualifications, and networks/associations of higher education institutions or quality assurance agencies.

Information in the Directory comes from a wide variety of sources, with most information obtained from the organizations’ websites. Information includes each entity’s address, email, and website; and brief description of its role and key activities. The Directory is maintained and updated every six months by senior personnel at CHEA.

Bibbò, C. (2022) conducted an overview of the Directory and published an article that describes several features:

  • the data features and their limits
  • types of information included
  • history of the Directory and how frequently it is updated
  • thematic analysis of the typologies of organizations and their activities (e.g., geographic distribution, terminology, associations/networks on quality assurance,
  • references to the relevant literature on the topics
  • phenomena identified from the analysis

Bibbo’s conclusions note that:

  • There are multiple and diverse types of stakeholders participating in the quality assurance of postsecondary education around the globe.
  • Some stakeholders are accreditors, others have oversight of accreditors, and others are governmental entities and associations/networks concerned with quality assurance.
  • There is rising recognition of the need to enhance the global understanding of higher education quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • There are recognized challenges of differing languages and differing terms across these stakeholders.
  • Developing, collecting, and sharing accessible, up-to-date, reliable data and information among countries is essential to supporting the higher education systems worldwide and fostering confidence and trust in the quality and reliability of qualifications.
  • Through peer learning, more informed decisions can be made about regulations and quality assurance models.


Bibbò, C. (2022). The CHEA International Directory on Quality Assurance: A Resource for Global Cooperation. Washington, DC: CHEA.

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