Last Updated: 05/24/2024

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Established in 2018, the Sovrin Foundation is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the principle of self-sovereign identity.  It is commonly known as the Sovrin Network, a public service utility that enables self-sovereign identity on the Internet.

The network provides a decentralized, secure framework for managing digital identities. This allows individuals to have greater control over their personal data and interactions online. It is a public–permissioned blockchain:

  • Anyone can use the Sovrin ledger to make transactions (it is an open network).
  • It is permissioned, following a controlled network operation process.
  • Sovrin  permits trusted entities called "Stewards" to operate the network and run the validator nodes. Stewards must be voted on and agree to abide by the Sovrin Trust Framework. The Sovrin approach differs from Bitcoin, which allows anyone to run a node and become a “Miner. ”

The Sovrin Foundation oversees the governance of the Sovrin networks, which act as decentralized global platforms with the goal of empowering individuals, organizations, and entities with SSI capabilities to operate with greater online agency, autonomy, and integrity in the context of digital identity.


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