Library Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides guidance to the Learn & Work Ecosystem Library’s design and contents with the following goals: ensure the Library is useful to diverse users; expand Library partnerships; and provide guidance in the development of sustainability plans. The Board is composed of representatives of key user groups such as research and policy think tanks; higher education institutions, philanthropies; industry/business community; data intermediaries; accreditors; and communications experts and journalists.

  • Scott Cheney, CEO, Credential Engine
  • Holly Custard, Deputy Director, Institute Partnerships and Outreach, Strada Education Foundation
  • Paul Fain, Journalist and Analyst
  • Sean Gallagher, Director, Huron; Lecturer, Northeastern University
  • Matt Gee, Co-Founder & CEO, BrightHive; Senior Researcher, University of Chicago
  • Rusty Grieff, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Jobs for the Future
  • Kymberly Lavigne Hinkley, Director, Community of Care Ecosystem, Western Governors University
  • Alyssa Jethani, Director of Strategy and Growth Initiatives, Jobs for the Future
  • Taylor Kendal, President, Learning Economy Foundation
  • David Leaser, Co-Founder, Digital Badge Academy
  • Mark Leuba, Vice President, 1EdTech
  • Phillip Long, Senior Scholar, Georgetown University; Faculty Affiliate, Arizona State University; Facilitator of Leanring and Employment Records Network, T3 Innovation Networkng
  • Mike Simmons, Associate Executive Director, Business and Strategic Partnerships, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers
  • Karen Solomon, Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, Higher Learning Commission
  • Stuart Sutton, Semantic Metadata Consultant and Associate Professor Emeritus, Information School, University of Washington
  • Roy Swift, Executive Director, Workcred
  • Kacey Thorne, Director, Skills Architecture, Western Governors University
  • Nan Travers, Director of Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning (CL2), Empire State University; PI of Credential As You Go
  • Jason Tyszko, Vice president, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Julie Uranis, Vice President, Online and Strategic Initiatives, University Professional and Continuing Education Association
  • Alex Ziegler, Program Director, Global Training & Skills, IBM

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