Last Updated: 05/18/2024

Relational Map coming soon. Learn more about the work we’re doing with AI and view our example prototypes here.

NationSwell is a certified B-Corp based in New York and supporting members across the U.S. NationSwell provides support to purpose-driven organizations and leaders by building membership communities that are designed to advance social change through curated events, experiences, and insights. Institutional Membership is an invitation-only community of corporations, foundations and investment firms committed to social impact.

Issue areas include:

  • Social Justice and Economic Opportunity
  • Technology and Data for Public Good
  • Physical, Mental, and Social Well Being
  • Education and Youth Development
  • Environmental and Climate Action
  • Future of Work
  • Civic Engagement

NationSwell is partnering in an initiative launched in early 2023, with The Digital Credentials Consortium (DCC), hosted at MIT Open Learning, and a number of organizations to map the Learning and Employment Records (LERS).  The goal of this initiative is to help increase the uptake of digital learning and employment records.

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