Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC)

Last Updated: 05/18/2024

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Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC) is a national nonprofit membership organization that helps make mastery learning—or competency-based education—available to all learners. The MTC launched in early 2017, with the recognition that the high school transcript was a boulder in the way of high school innovation and there was a better way to prepare high school students for the world ahead and presenting them to colleges and employers.

Working with member schools, MTC co-designed and built a software platform that members use to create scalable, flexible learning records— Mastery Transcripts and MTC Learning Records. Schools publish Mastery Transcripts or Learning Records for their learners and deliver them securely to college admissions readers and/or employers.

MTC members are public and private high schools and out-of-school time organizations from across the United States —and several are from around the world. A growing group of member schools are using the Mastery Transcript as their official school transcript:

  • 380 Total membership
  • 218 Private
  • 162 Public

This approach to recordkeeping and verification responds to the growing number of state education systems that have endorsed personalized, competency-based education frameworks geared to prepare all high school graduates for a future of learning and work. State leaders and policymakers are leveraging these frameworks and other resources to support the growth of innovative K–12 models.

This approach also recognizes the many youth-serving organizations  —afterschool and out-of-school time (OST) organizations that provide powerful mastery learning experiences. The MTC Learning Record (MLR) offers them a way to capture evidence of this learning, and allows young people to bridge in-school and out-of-school growth experiences. The MLR is a tool learners can use to demonstrate both college and career readiness. MTC is piloting membership for OST organizations in AY 2022-2023.

An example of a Mastery Transcript: Mastery Transcript® and MTC Learning Record | Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC)

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