Workforce Matters

Last Updated: 05/18/2024

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Workforce Matters is a national network of 550+ grantmakers. The network draws on expert and practitioner knowledge and works together to strengthen workforce development philanthropy to:

  • empower workers, learners, and job seekers to realize their full potential
  • dismantle inequities based on race, gender, ability, and other individual characteristics
  • advance equitable education and employment outcomes for youth and adults.

Workforce Matters strategies include:

  • Providing learning opportunities about new workforce research, practice, and policy developments, with a priority on those that reduce disparities in labor market outcomes and advance equity.
  • Facilitating learning networks to build connections between funders, deepen understanding of topics of interest and support leadership development opportunities for its members
  • Supporting peer networking and sharing among national, regional and community funders representing a diverse array of grantmaking organizations and geographies.
  • Fostering collaborative approaches to grantmaking.
  • Leveraging and extending the efforts of individual members.
  • Working collaboratively with field partners in a way that honors their expertise and invites them to help shape the work and priorities of the network.
  • Partnering with affinity groups with shared interests.
  • Building and investing in a community of current and future workforce leaders that includes diverse viewpoints, regions, and populations.

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