Last Updated: 02/22/2024

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Founded in 1916, the aerospace company Boeing provides opportunities and programs designed to implement and affect sustainability efforts through their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Included in Boeing's sustainability efforts is a focus on educational initiatives. Boeing engages in educational programs and partnerships to encourage learners to pursue careers in aerospace and related fields. Boeing’s ESG efforts provide initiatives and programs with emphasis on:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Community engagement
  • Global equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Human rights
  • Education

Boeing's educational initiatives include collaborations with schools, non-profit organizations, and community groups. The company also supports various educational programs that aim to increase diversity and inclusion of underrepresented persons in STEM fields.

Additionally, Boeing provides incentives designed to help employees pursue continuing education through degree and credentialing programs.

Boeing provides additional educational resources and opportunities, such as:

  •  Internships
  •  Externships
  •  Co-ops
  •  Enrichment programs
  •  Scholarships

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