Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation is a private, national foundation that was founded in Detroit in 1924 to promote human progress and expand equity and opportunity in American cities.

Today, the Foundation works to expand opportunities in America’s cities through grantmaking and social investing in arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services and community development, nationally and in Detroit, Memphis and New Orleans. In collaboration with partners, Kresge helps create pathways for people with low incomes to improve their life circumstances and join the economic mainstream.

Kresge's Education Program works to increase college access and success while reducing inequitable student outcomes in the U.S. and South Africa. Kresge supports research, policy advocacy, evaluation, technology, partnerships and direct services that represent one or more of the following: networks of institutions; potential for broad scalability or replicability; potential to lead to systemic changes; or potential for long-term sustainability. Kresge also support technological or practice enhancements that effectively improve student success and decrease costs.

Kresge works across the U.S., but prioritizes funding in its focus cities of Detroit, Memphis or New Orleans; cities within its Education Program focus states of California, Florida, Michigan, and Texas; other large cities or statewide initiatives; and South Africa, the only country where Kresge makes grants outside of the U.S.

Key focus areas in Education include:

  • Urban pathways to college
  • Institutional capacity building for student success
  • Aligning and strengthening urban higher education ecosystems

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