Education Finance Council (EFC)

Last Updated: 03/18/2024

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The Education Finance Council (EFC) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade organization which provides services and resources to assist learners to prepare, plan, and pay for postsecondary education and credentialing programs. The EFC represents state-based student loan and other nonprofit member organizations.

The EFC and its members aim to assist learners through:

  • access to postsecondary education
  • facilitate learner success
  • aid in identifying optimal education funding sources for learners and families
  • connect individuals with postsecondary education and career outcomes
  • promotion of responsible borrowing
  • advocating for successful post-secondary education financing management

As the national trade association for nonprofit and state-based higher education finance organizations, the EFC represents entities striving to improve postsecondary access and affordability at both state and national levels. The EFC plays a role in advocating for its members and the students they serve through public policy efforts.

EFC engages in various activities to fulfill its mission, including:

  • hosting FAFSA completion events
  • operating college planning centers
  • scholarship programs
  • managing 529 plans
  • conducting financial aid workshops
  • providing financial literacy sessions
  • administering support services to military members, veterans, and homeless youth

Additionally, some EFC members offer affordable student loans which may feature lower interest rates and low or no origination fees, enhancing their affordability compared to other private student loans.

EFC members support lifelong learning by facilitating successful transitions to employment or new career paths. EFC and its members provide additional programs to assist individuals navigate career connected learning programs with the goal of helping individuals to:

  • continue their education
  • develop skills
  • earn professional credentials
  • identify opportunities for in-demand and high-paying jobs


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