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Last Updated: Spring 2023

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Complete College America (CCA) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for dramatically increasing college completion rates and closing institutional performance gaps by working with states, systems, institutions, and partners to scale highly effective structural reforms and promote policies that improve student success. The CCA vision is a nation where all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or familial educational achievement, have equal opportunities to access and complete a college education or credential of value because postsecondary institutions, policy makers, and systems of higher education welcome, invest in, and support these students through and to on-time completion. CCA focuses on a three-part approach to shifting policy, perspective, and practice—to ensure lasting change that produces more equitable outcomes for students.

Examples of areas of focus include:

  • Corequisite model: Provide guidance for leaders implementing the corequisite model for the first time or those who are looking to deepen their practices to address challenges that stand in the way.
  • 15 to Finish initiative:  Encourages full-time college students to complete15 or more credit hours a semester to put them on track to receive an associate degree in two years or a bachelor’s degree in four years.
  • Steps to drive equity-driven policy: Beyond Good Intentions, provides a guide for states to craft equity-driven policies that are specific, actionable, measurable and well funded. It outlines four major steps states should take when considering and creating new policy.
  • No middle ground: Helps colleges assess their practices to improve—to identify inequities, address them, and bring everyone at the college into this essential work. Since  every action either advances the cause of equity or further entrenches inequities, there is no middle ground.
  • Part-time students must be a full-time priority: Helps colleges understand and act on completion data for both part-time and full-time students. Part-time student attainment rates severely lag behind those of their full-time counterparts, regardless of sector or timeframe. And part-time students are disproportionately BILPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Color) students, community college students, and students ages 25 and older.
  • Digital learning infrastructure: CCA and partners of the HBCU Digital Learning Infrastructure (DLI) Initiative are working to shape the way institutions and technologists work together to invest in the policies, practices, and perspectives that both elevate the innovative work happening on HBCU campuses and surface new models for improving the student outcomes at colleges and universities across the country

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