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Florida Ready to Work is a career readiness training and credentialing program established in 2020 by Chapter 445 Section 06 - 2020 Florida StatutesThe Florida Senate:  Florida Ready to Work Certification Program.— (1) There is created the Florida Ready to Work Certification Program to enhance the workplace skills of Floridians to better prepare them for successful employment in specific occupations. 

The program provides Florida learners and jobseekers with foundational employability skills required to take the next step toward technical training and industry certifications, apprenticeship, and employment.

Skills training is provided through partnerships with school districts, the workforce system, state colleges, technical centers, adult education, juvenile justice agencies, corrections, employers, and other community-based partners statewide.

Learners who successfully complete the program earn up to three stackable credentials, which are viewed as a common measure of employability skills readiness for most jobs across industry sectors in the state.

Funded by the State of Florida, there is no cost to CareerSource Florida partners.

Florida’s 2030 goal is that by 2030, 60% of its working adults will have postsecondary attainment; and 80% will have employability skills.

The Department of Economic Opportunity and the Department of Education are directed in legislation to oversee the program and establish readiness criteria for implementation.


Florida employers have identified the lack of essential employability skills as a primary barrier to job and economic growth.

  • The Florida Chamber of Commerce surveyed business leaders across the industry sectors. The survey found that more than 80% of business leaders across industry sectors “emphasized the importance of employability skills. These skills which include communication, critical thinking and problem solving are universally valuable work competencies that are essential to adapting to shifting demands within and between careers.”
  • 92% of Florida employers plan to hire, yet 81% say lack of key employability skills is a threat to their business.
  • Florida notes recent research: nearly 1 in 3 workers lack the foundational digital literacy skills required for most jobs across all industries.

Essential Soft Skills Training / Credentialing

The Florida Ready to Work - Soft Skills solution features highly interactive digital training focused on in-demand employability skills. These “soft skills” include conveying professionalism, communicating effectively, teamwork and collaboration, and thinking critically and solving problems.

The online training is self-paced and accessible from any digital device, 24/7. The training can also be integrated as a classroom, lab, or extension activity. Each training module is narrated and includes a pre-test, career-contextualized direct instruction, and a post-test to measure learning gains.

A one-hour, online proctored assessment validates the mastery of skills. Those who pass the assessment earn the Florida Ready to Work - Soft Skills Credential which is issued by the State of Florida and signed by the Governor.

Academic Employability Skills Training / Credentialing 

  • Work Ready Math builds mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills to prepare learners to solve real-life workplace problems.
  • Work Ready Reading builds reading comprehension and reasoning skills to prepare learners to utilize documents in the workplace.
  • Work Ready Data builds analytical skills to prepare learners to interpret sources of data in the workplace.
  • To earn the Florida Ready to Work Credential - Academic Employability Skills, participants must pass three, one-hour proctored assessments that validate mastery of foundational workplace math, reading, and data analysis skills.
  • 4 Achievement Levels correlate with the U.S. Department of Labor O*NET Job Zones 2-3-4-5 (U.S. primary source of occupational data).

Digital Skills Training / Credentialing

Florida Ready to Work added for 2023-2024, a digital skills literacy solution that targets 5 in-demand foundational tech skills:

  • Computer Operations
  •  Internet Browsing
  • Digital Communications
  • Digital Documents
  • Digital Security

The 5 modules are free, online, self-paced digital skills training accessible 24/7 from any computer or tablet.

A one-hour, online proctored assessment validates mastery of skills. Those who pass the assessment earn the Florida Ready to Work - Digital Skills Credential which is issued by the State of Florida and signed by the Governor.


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