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The Student Success Center Network (SSCN) initiative began in 2012 and is managed by the Jobs for the Future (JFF) organization. SSCN collaborates with approximately half of all public community colleges in the United States, focusing on developing, implementing, and expanding strategies for learner success.

Each of the 17 statewide Student Success Centers (SSC) partners with community colleges within their respective states to enhance learner completion rates, address equity gaps, and strengthen communities. Through their involvement in the SSCN, these centers gain access to the expertise, resources, and platforms for innovation and influence. SSC can utilize these assets to provide support to colleges and learners in their states while also shaping the landscape of postsecondary education at a national level.

SSCN introduced an Institutional Coaching Program in 2017 to provide additional training and strategic guidance to college administrators, faculty, and staff.


Ten Ways Institutional Coaching Makes a Difference (Aug 2022) - PDF

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