UPCEA, formerly the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, is a nonprofit membership organization in the field of higher education, focused on advancing professional, continuing, and online education. Founded in 1915, UPCEA acts as a resource hub for universities and colleges striving to enhance their adult and non-traditional education offerings. The association membership base comprises institutions of various sizes and types, including public and private universities, community colleges, and for-profit organizations. UPCEA provides its membership with resources and services for:

  • professional development and events
  • networking
  • quality standards and best practices
  • research and benchmarking
  • advocacy
  • consulting

UPCEA aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals in the field, providing opportunities for networking and professional development through conferences, workshops, and webinars. Additionally, UPCEA offers research and publications to help members stay informed about emerging trends, best practices, and policy developments relevant to their work. UPCEA oversees specialized networks which focus on research, presentations, and awards in the following areas:

  • Alternative Credentials Network
  • Business & Operations Network
  • Community and Economic Engagement Network
  • eDesign Collaborative Network
  • International Network
  • Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services Network
  • Online Administration Network
  • Program Planning and Implementation Network

UPCEA offers a variety of consultation and research services. The organization maintains areas of specialization in the following focus areas:

  • leadership in online learning
  • professional and continuing education
  • alternative credentials
  • marketing, enrollment & student services
  • research and consulting

The association offers professional development certification options to members and learners seeking to advance their skills and careers.

UPCEA also maintains a focus on advocacy news and efforts as it works to represent the interests of its members and promote policies supportive of adult and non-traditional learners. The association engages with policymakers and stakeholders at both the state and federal levels to advocate for increased access to higher education and support for programs serving adult learners.


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