Certification+Degree Pathways in Support of First-generation, Low-income and Adult Learners

Last Updated: 03/12/2024

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As part of a three-year grant from ECMC Foundation, Workcred, the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the National Student Clearinghouse teamed up with the Higher Learning Commission to offer community colleges an affordable, scalable approach to align degrees with industry needs.

The Certification+Degree (C+D) Pathways project supports the efforts of community colleges to develop and implement such pathways in IT, logistics, and/or health science programs in at least three states, and to establish a process for economical replication. By aligning their curricula with certification competencies, community colleges ensure that their courses are up to date and meet employers’ needs. Community colleges also benefit from nationally validated industry competencies while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate additional competencies identified by regional employers.


Workcred; League for Innovation in the Community College; National Student Clearinghouse; Higher Learning Commission; ECMC Foundation; Community College of Aurora; Delta College; Kirkwood Community College; Moraine Valley Community College


Certification+Degree Pathways in Support of First-Generation, Low-Income, and Adult Learners (workcred.org)

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