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A project of the Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio funded by SkillsFWD and announced December 2023, this initiative leverages the SchooLinks college and career readiness platform to match early-career talent with employers. The initiative is aimed to solve challenges around the adoption and accessibility of learning and employment records (LERs). There are three objectives of the talent network:

  • Broaden access to opportunities for students- internships, apprenticeships, part-time, and full-time jobs.
  • Enable students to better market themselves to potential employers by showing off their innate skills.
  • Reduce logistical costs for employers by streamlining the matching of opportunities with applications.

‍Prior to this project, more than 20,000 employers forged relationships with school districts and their students on the SchooLinks platform. New work will strengthen bonds between partner districts and employers via a scalable and sustainable approach.  that truly makes a fragmented or token WBL program ubiquitous.”


Launched in 2023, SkillsFWD awarded six grants of $1.4 million each to advance interoperable LER ecosystems that use digital records to support equitable lifelong learning and work, and address labor market demands. Each grantee is demonstrating proof-of-concept for how skills-based hiring and economic mobility can be enabled through the real-world application of LERs.


Four predictions for learning and employment records in 2024 — SkillsFWD | Catalyzing a Skills-based Future


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