Structural Unemployment, LLC., dba WorkingNation, is a nonprofit media and journalism organization focused on addressing workforce challenges and opportunities in the United States. Edward Charles Foundation 501(c)(3) is WorkingNation’s fiscal sponsor. Established in 2016, WorkingNation’s focus is to raise awareness about the rapidly changing nature of work and the implications for individuals, communities, and the economy. WorkingNation produces an assortment of multimedia content, including videos, documentary films, and a digital magazine to inform and engage audiences on issues such as career pathways, in-demand industries, and barriers to employment.

The organization collaborates with policymakers, businesses, and educators to explore solutions and best practices for preparing the workforce for the jobs and industries of the future. Through its multimedia and journalistic approach, it highlights the importance of lifelong learning, reskilling, and adaptability in a rapidly evolving economy. By highlighting success stories and profiling individuals and organizations making a difference in the field of workforce development, the organization seeks to catalyze positive change and build momentum for systemic solutions to the challenges facing the American workforce.


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