Pairin is a technology company, founded in 2012, that focuses on providing platform-based solutions for the facilitation of connections between individuals and government, workforce development, and educational industries. Their platform My Journey presents users with a personalized program designed to enable a streamlined experience for job seekers and learners to navigate available resources and services.

Pairin utilizes assessments designed to identify individuals' strengths, preferences, and areas for development. The results generate personalized reports for users, providing insights into potential career paths and recommended skill-building activities. Pairin provides resources and tools to help users match with career and educational pathways.

Pairin offers additional services designed to support educators, workforce development professionals, and employers. The organization offers training and professional development programs to help these stakeholders effectively utilize Pairin's tools and integrate them into their existing programs and services. Pairin services are available to government, workforce development, and secondary and postsecondary educational institutions.



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