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Last Updated: 03/12/2024

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One of the primary goals of Alabama’s workforce development system is to help state residents acquire the skills, training, and services they need to pursue in-demand jobs in the state. Alabama is building three open-linked data sets, called the Talent Triad, to help achieve this goal. Furthermore, the Talent Triad will enable Alabamians, education and training providers, and employers to connect in a statewide portal. The Alabama Talent Triad is powered by open-linked data and interoperability and contains three components:

  • Alabama Credential Registry: Will be used to make each credential awarded to Alabamians transparent and will tag credentials to the competencies for which they denote mastery (Powered by Credential Engine leveraging the CTDL (Credential Transparency Description Language), launched in September 2021).
  • Alabama Skills-Based Job Description Generator and Employer Portal: Will allow employers to create customized job descriptions (Powered by EBSCO leveraging JDX, anticipated launch in 2022).
  • Alabama Digital Wallet: Will allow every Alabamian to manage and curate learning and employment records and link directly to skills-based job descriptions generated by employers (Powered by EBSCO, anticipated launch in 2022).

At the center of all three data sources sits the Alabama Occupational Ontology, a state-specific, seven-tiered, alphanumeric taxonomy for classifying competencies. The ontology serves as the “occupational DNA” for jobs, credentials, and learning and employment records.

The Talent Triad brings the three data sets together in a single-sign-on portal with a unique user interface for employers, learners/jobseekers, and education and training providers. Every Alabamian will have access to the portal, and EBSCO is training algorithms to identify matches between the users. The ultimate goal is to create a talent marketplace where all learning can be seen and used to facilitate social mobility.

The Talent Triad pilot launched in April 2023, bringing employers, candidates, and institutional partners into the platform. The Talent Triad leadership team anticipates statewide launch in September 2023, with a goal to enroll at least 10,000 candidates through career counselors, workforce centers, and other venues before the end of the year.

In July 2023, C-BEN and Upskill America (Aspen Institute) published Employer Use of Learning and Employment Records: Early Lessons from Alabama Talent Triad. The report describes efforts of the Talent Triad leadership group that met in March 2023 to provide tactical, strategic, and message-development feedback to Talent Triad developers to drive improvements to the platform, guidance for pilot implementation, and ultimately, improve the likelihood of scaled uptake and successful use.


Alabama Governor’s Office, Education and Workforce Transformation; Alabama Community College System; Bishop State Community College; Gadsden State Community College; H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College; J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College; Lawson State Community College-Birmingham; Alabama Committee on Credentialing and Career Pathways; Alabama Department of Labor; Alabama Commission on Higher Education; AACRAO; Corporation for a Skilled Workforce; Credential Engine; Competency-based Education Network (C-BEN).


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