Corporation for a Skilled Workforce (CSW)

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce is a national nonprofit organization operating since 1991 and located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  CSW partners with government, business, education, and community leaders to connect workers with education and good jobs, increase the competitiveness of companies, and build sustainable communities. CSW focuses on policies and practices that support skill development and employment progression by bringing together business and community stakeholders.

Services focus in five areas:

The Advancing Community Equity for Upward Mobility (ACE-UP) community of practice is a CSW initiative launched with Lumina Foundation's backing in January 2023.  In January 2024, additional funding from Lumina was announced extending the community of practice through June 2025.  While existing ACE-UP activities such as bi-monthly workshops, technical assistance, and member coaching will continue, the program extension will see the addition of new components including an employer-focused affinity group, small group meetings on select topics, individual coaching sessions, and an in-person meeting for community of practice members.

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