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Last Updated: 05/17/2024

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Every Learner Everywhere was launched in 2017 with the support of a grant from the Gates Foundation to create a network of partner organizations with expertise in evaluating, implementing, scaling, and measuring the efficacy of technologies, curriculum and course design strategies, teaching practices, and support services that personalize instruction in blended and online learning environments.  The emerging evidence base around digital learning has demonstrated the potential to increase access and engagement, decrease costs, and improve outcomes for students, particularly Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students, poverty-affected and first-generation students.

Digital learning is the use of technology and teaching practices enabled by technology to enhance learning. It includes a broad range of content and communication tools, curricular models, design strategies and student support services that personalize instruction for students in blended and online learning environments. High-quality digital learning enables institutions to:

  • increase gateway course and degree completion
  • lower the cost of instruction
  • deliver more equitable learning outcomes for Black, Latinx, Indigenous, poverty-affected and first-generation students
  • engage faculty as innovators and educators focused on using evidence-based teaching practices, data, courseware, and technology tools to improve learning outcomes and better serve students.

The initiative works through intermediaries to support institutions in developing a tailored engagement approach that creates better learning experiences and more equitable outcomes for racially-minoritized and poverty-affected students. Institutions are provided a range of professional development to include practice guides, toolkits, and consulting services. Each engagement experience comprises six core phases that guide and support institutions and faculty on the path to transformation with high-quality digital learning.

WCET (the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies) and WICHE (the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) serve as the intermediary organization for the Network. The Network continues to be supported by the Gates Foundation.

Original Partners (see WCET picture)

  • Achieving the Dream
  • Association of Chief Academic Officers
  • Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
  • Digital Promise
  • Intentional Futures
  • Online Learning Consortium
  • Tyton Partners
  • WCET

New Partners in 2024

  • The Center for Innovation in Postsecondary Education (CIPE)
  • CORA Learning Center (Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement)
  • The Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS)
  • The Quality Education for Minorities (OEM)


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