SmartResume (Digital Wallet)

Last Updated: Spring 2023

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SmartResume is a new type of resume that recognizes the three-sided marketplace (ecosystem) connecting job seekers, higher education institutions, and employers using the power of digital credentials. Partners such as higher education institutions, professional associations, and workforce development organizations use SmartResume to certify academic and professional credentials to help individuals create a comprehensive record of their abilities.

A digital wallet stores information about job seeker's experiences, skills, abilities, and credentials without the limitations of a resume.  Job seekers can be more easily discoverable to employers looking for someone with hard-to-find skills or credentials.

SmartResume has resulted in a Certified Talent Marketplace that connects employers to job seekers in a more trusted manner, enabling the rise of skill-based hiring, and protecting job seekers and employers from unconscious bias to make sure employers find the best talent.

Key chronological developments:

  • 2018:  Built world’s first blockchain certified resumes in partnership with The University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, Arkansas Tech University and the University of Central Arkansas.
  • 2021: Committed to blind resume talent marketplace approach as a strategy to remove hiring bias; and launched the first certified talent marketplace.
  • 2022: Job seekers in all 50 states activated their SmartResumes.
  • 2023:  A partnership led by iDatafy created the SmartReport consisting of two infographics that show the way data flows through the ecosystem. It demonstrates how digital credentials are issued, how they are shared, how they are consumed, and who the companies and organizations are that make that happen.  A blog post contains important context and definitions to help anyone understand the map of the U.S. digital credential, and learning and employment record ecosystem.

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