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Canvas Credentials/Badges is an education technology company created in 2008 by Instructure. Its global headquarters are based in Salt Lake City. Utah. It is also the home to Canvas LMS (Learning Management Systems) and the Instructure Learning Platform. In 2022, Instructure acquired Concentric Sky: the Makers of Badgr and acquired LearnPlatform.

The company focuses on digital credential products and services, and aims to translate learning outcomes into validated skills that both students and employers can understand. Its work is based on the recognition that badges can give learners agency over their learning and career path by clearly communicating the employer-valued skills they’ve either already demonstrated or still need to earn.

Canvas offers K-12 and higher education a number of tools related to virtual, hybrid, or in-person educational experiences:

  • Canvas LMS
  • Canvas Studio
  • Canvas Catalog
  • Canvas credentials (all-in-one digital badging approach that includes creating skills-based credential systems; recognizing and rewarding learners with badges; and visualizing, analyzing, and expanding the community

Canvas Student Pathways engage students through custom, stackable pathways, helps them navigate academic and co-curricular journeys, and provides a roadmap for acquiring new skills.  These pathways also help educational institutions to issue verified badges that are backed by authentic assessment of coursework and co-curricular work samples.  Pathways allow students to attach photos, samples, and examples of their coursework to each badge. This can facilitate reflection and improved articulation of acquired skills and competencies—and lets everyone see the meaning behind each badge.

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