Workforce Equity Dashboard & Advancing Workforce Equity Guide (National Fund for Workforce Solutions)


The Workforce Equity Dashboard is part of a toolkit developed by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions to equip workforce leaders, disruptors, and changemakers with actionable data and resources to advance workforce equity.  The Dashboard was designed in partnership with the National Equity Atlas to provide workforce collaboratives in the National Fund for Workforce Solutions Network with reliable, uniform data on population—and relevant community-level indicators. The Network consists of some 30 communities across the United States that are taking a demand-driven, evidence-based approach to workforce development.

The Dashboard was founded in recognition that cities throughout the U.S. recognize the need to embrace an equity-focused approach, but given the many complex problems involving multiple systems, cities typically lack strategies to move forward to eliminate racial inequities that are necessary for individual workers to succeed and for the economic growth and prosperity of communities.

The Dashboard provides information to (1) help users understand shifting demographics in their communities, and (2) assess the extent to which diverse worker populations are thriving by looking at education, wages, and unemployment. The Dashboard includes nine indicators to measure and track the state of equity in a community. Users can explore the data for workers, employers, and communities. There are 34 communities included in the search drop-down.

Guidebook for Advancing Equity

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions also provides a guide for advancing equity: Advancing Workforce Equity: A Guide for Stakeholders.  The guide lays out a process for engaging community stakeholders to identify action-oriented strategies to address complex workforce equity problems. The process is built on three pillars: (1) accessible quality data, made available to (2) workforce equity workgroups to design (3) data-driven strategies. This guide is for workforce intermediaries, workforce funder collaboratives, civic and community leaders, local policymakers, and others who have a stake in building a more equitable workforce and community.

Definition of Workforce Equity

Workforce Equity is defined as:  In an equitable workforce, all jobs are good jobs. Workforce equity means the elimination of racial gaps in employment and income such that the workforce – both public and private – is racially representative of the general population, at all different levels of skill and pay, across occupational groups and sectors.

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