State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO)

State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1954 to serve the chief executives of statewide governing, policy, and coordinating boards of postsecondary education and their staffs. With its members, SHEEO works to equip state higher education executive officers and their staffs with the tools to effectively advance the value of higher education, promoting public policies and academic practices that enable all Americans to achieve success in the 21st century, and serving as an advocate for state higher education leadership.

Current work of focus includes:

  • A systematic review of the research on the effects of public spending on student outcomes and coordinated an 8-week webinar series in which new original research was presented.
  • Report on SHEEO member characteristics, including agency-level data, agency senior leadership demographics, and SHEEO-specific data.
  • Leveraging a student-level longitudinal dataset constructed by the National Student Clearinghouse, SHEEO and the Research Center are using descriptive analyses, advanced data visualization techniques, and quasi-experimental research designs to examine what happens to students post-closure.
  • SHEF (State Higher Education Finance) report provides in-depth analysis of the trends in higher education finance on state and national levels.
  • Strong Foundations project to understand the state of postsecondary data systems (content, capacity, and effective use of state postsecondary data systems).
  • Continuing as higher education’s primary source of information regarding the capacity and effective use of state postsecondary data systems.
  • Various equity projects and resources, including white papers, webinars, state resources, and various other items.
  • SHEEO’s Communities of Practice project focused on increasing the capacity and utilization of state postsecondary data systems, and providing a forum for states to work on solutions to common issues with those systems.

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