Founded in 2015, Yellowdig is a plug-and-play, community-building platform with grade pass-back through an existing Learning Management System (LMS). The Yellowdig mission is to turn every classroom, bootcamp, or organization into an active learning community through its research-driven, hyper-interactive, Yellowdig Engage platform. The platform is built on three main pedagogical principles: Agency, Mastery, and Connectedness. The features of the social learning platform are inspired by these pedagogical principles to turn learners into co-creators of knowledge, and empower them with robust performance analytics as they progress through their learning journey. The platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Yellowdig is primarily used  in curricular settings, but also works to build co-curricular, faculty, and/or other specialized communities

The platform currently supports:

  • 100+ institutions
  • 4000+ educators
  • 280,000+ learners
  • 15,000+ courses and communities

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